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22 Jan

You’ll benefit from an airline-focussed training programme, tailored to easy Jet aircraft and standard operating procedures as well as the combined MPL course fee which includes - and significantly reduces the cost of - your A320 type rating training. CTC WINGS easy Jet Integrated ATPL This route provides a further opportunity to join easy Jet for those who successfully complete selection and commence CTC WINGS Integrated ATPL, but are not shortlisted to upgrade to MPL on completion of Theoretical Knowledge exams and do meet easy Jet criteria, OR do not hold the academic qualifications required for the MPL route.

You will continue on the Integrated ATPL Route, completing the Intermediate phase of training tailored to easy Jet A320 aircraft and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Generation easy Jet Pilot Training Programme easy Jet is one of Europe’s most successful airlines and has partnered with CTC Aviation for airline pilot training solutions since its first flights in 1995.

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