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11 Sep

Videos circulating on the web show the woman exposing herself and masturbating, according to police. quality=75&strip=all&w=620" alt="" src=" w=620&quality=75&strip=all&h=465" width="620" height="465" class="size-large wp-image-712834" srcset=" She wouldn’t identify herself so they asked her to leave.” Pope said she was initially only aware of one incident in January after receiving complaints.

Screen grab taken from a video, shows a child coming upon a woman who has allegedly been performing dozens of live sex shows at two Windsor libraries. But the library learned from a CBC Windsor report this week that the woman had performed dozens of shows at desks in two libraries.

- Speaking on Tuesday, Bahram Qassemi condemned in the strongest terms a terrorist attack at a concert hall in the English city of Manchester, which killed at least 22 people, and said the ideological origin of that attack was the same as the source of a raid that killed 11 Iranian border guards in the city of Mirjaveh on April 26.

"We believe that the taproot and the ideological origin of terrorist incidents in Iran's Mirjaveh and the UK's Manchester is one and the same," Qassemi said.

-Shervin Malekzadeh 5/24/17 - I know very few people who are more passionate about Iran, or who have tried to help Iran and Iranians as much as my Iranian-American friend Siamak Namazi.

Though he did not name any party by name, he was most likely referring to Saudi Arabia.

5/24/17 - The Elders welcomed the re-election of President Hassan Rouhani in Iran as a sign that the Iranian people clearly desire peaceful relations with the outside world and a more tolerant society at home.

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Waterloo / May 23, 2017 Mortgage debt increased by 11 per cent1 to 1,000 last year and more than half (52 per cent) of Canadian mortgage holders lack the financial flexibility to quickly adjust to unexpected costs, per a new Manulife Bank of Canada survey.