Dating a recreational drug user skadate 7 dating

12 Apr

Now that I am older and hopefully somewhat wiser, I don't explore them...hold no mystery. First person that answers YES is going to be inundated with 1000's of emails from people looking for a fix. I smoke pot every now and than but it's very rare, and again socially.

When I was still wet behind the ears--exploration of different things was always a passion, and drugs were to be explored.

The pair met through acquaintances earlier this year and reportedly reconnected at Comic Con in July.

Jason Bennetto and Benjamin Todd examine the findings of a report that suggests the Government needs to rethink its drugs policy.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. In my opinion the government should legalize and regulate the sale of pot. Can you even imagine how much money the goverenment would make by taxing it? Would somebody on a dating site actually say "Why yes, I do drugs, but WHY can I not find anyone for me?? BTW 'End This Dance', under "interests" in your profile, I see you haven't listed MASTURBATION as #1 !!! It's the kind of thing though that if I never did it again it wouldn't bother me one bit. Choices: In it, successful recovery, for quitters, abstainer, no addictive gene, or in denial. Do you speed in your car for no apparent reason and risk endangering the lives of others? I'd like to remove those questions and add one that says: Rehab? Tylenol is a drug that your body can't actually break down and causes damage if abused. We aren't going to start another stupid thread about this again are we? We may as well have a question that says do you shop?