Dating age restrictions canada

26 Apr

"It is disgraceful that girls and boys as young as 14 can be enticed into prostitution by unscrupulous, scheming individuals who believe they are safe from the law. Sowden’s very public appeal to have the age raised and can only imagine the heartache she is suffering because of her daughter’s lifestyle. It shows how strongly Canadians believe that the protection of our youth is paramount and Chuck Strahl said he is happy to lend his support to this cause.

"Send me the petitions and I will present them, let Parliament know how you feel" he concluded.

The instigator of this campaign is Coquitlam resident Diane Sowden whose daughter has been involved in prostitution since the age of fourteen.

Diane believes that if the age was raised, the johns who pick-up these girls would face the very real threat of being charged and convicted of sexual assault. Support for this campaign is gaining in momentum and comes from all across our country.

Ottawa: Chuck Strahl, Member of Parliament for Fraser Valley and Official Opposition Whip, today presented five petitions on behalf of individuals from across the country.

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