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25 Feb

Since then, he’s gone on to oversee some of the most beloved (if short-lived) cult series of the still-young 21st century, from Dead Like Me to the just-concluded Hannibal.

Though each days events typically revolve around thwarting an impending terrorist attack, each season is made up of various interwoven story threads.

And now that he’s returning to Trek, he’ll bring that wealth of experience with him.

Here are some of his trademarks that we hope become a part of  Star Trek." data-reactid="18"Star Trek is boldly going into the streaming realm in 2017 with a strong captain at the helm.

But while I was watching Taylor attempting to break through the crush of photographers to reach the toilet, I heard a bellowing behind my back. My date had merely been trying to comfort Plummer's third wife, the actress Elaine Taylor, who was as agitated as her husband at Liz Taylor's gate-crashing.

The show follows the journey of a time traveler, Cole, from the post-apocalyptic future.