Indexing not updating outlook 2016

29 Aug

Seems Indexer needs Office in the %Path% in order to open the required files for MAPI16.Note: On machines where Office 2016 installs correctly, the above path variable is not required, so it doesn't really fix the issue properly, but it does solve the problem in a reasonable manner.It requires some attention and maintenance to fix outlook 2010 search function not working.

You’ll see a list of locations and applications that are currently being indexed; note that if a drive or folder is listed here, then all subfolders and files included in that drive are indexed as well.It helps to perform a specific search and navigating through emails.Here we will tell you, how to index outlook 2010 and fix indexing is not running problems.If the locations of your files are not listed here — such as your Users folder for places like the Documents and Desktop folders, or a second hard drive — you can manually add them.Click the Modify button and you’ll see a list of all locations on your PC.