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19 Jun

Cała rozgrywka opiera się na umiejętnych wyborach opcji podczas konwersacji oraz ulepszaniu swoich statystyk (i szans u chłopaków).

W tej oto odsłonie Twoim zadaniem jest wezwać samurajów i znaleźć jak najwięcej małych ninja, co uczyni małpkę szczęśliwą.

Not only that, but there are more endings you can choose from, and many choices.

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You don’t just spend your time on girls, you must keep training too (Knowledge, Charm and Strength). After he levels, visit his room and select "other". I was influenced by my g/f and all of the other Sasuke/Sakura fangirls out there. It's just funny to have these signs that go everywhere. Yeah, the series is long done, but we'll always have the memories. (Yes, I calculated as the maximum stat is 99 and you begin with 10 points for each of the section... At day 51 you should see Shika appear in your room. ------------ NOTE: To get the hentai scenes for the 3 main char, make sure that you do the following to get to date level 4 with that char.