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07 Sep

More than 300 billion total calling minutes take place annually on Skype; 50% of those calls are video conversations.

Microsoft executive Steve Ballmer revealed this stat at CES last month while discussing the Internet software’s ongoing success internationally.

One of the Windows Camera Team members apologised to users for not communicating the change on the Microsoft forum: “We dropped the ball on that front, so I’d like to offer my apologies to you all,” they wrote.

Microsoft is working on a proper fix which it hopes to roll out by September, but if you need to use your webcam now we have a couple of solutions that may work for you. Select Get Started under the ‘Go back to an earlier build’ heading. If you see the message: ‘We’re sorry, but you can’t go back’, then you’re too late and have missed the 10-day cut-off point. Protect your webcam with these simple steps] This technique is a bit more complicated, so ensure you’re confident with what you’re doing.

When a truck crash does happen of course the first concern is for the well being of those involved, but this is just the start of proceedings, there will be a LOT to worry about afterwards too.

A commercial truck accident is a complex situation, and you have many legal rights and responsibilities.

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The main problem to hit a number of machines concerns webcams.

Stopping distances are longer, and forces of impact are much higher.

If you have suffered serious injuries in a semi-truck accident, you are likely entitled to substantial compensation. Following a semi-truck accident, you will likely and understandably be shaken up.

We will go over this when we speak with you but for example: Traffic accidents can be complex, especially when commercial trucks are involved. Dealing with a trucking insurance company can be a nightmare.

These situations can be upsetting, complicated, and stressful. Sometimes it seems like they think their job is to DENY your accident claim, NOT TO PAY!