Validating insurance policies

24 Jan

As part of this diversified group, Regent Life Insurance adopts a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship and compliance to industry-specific best practices.

As a market leader in the industry, the company offers an exceptional range of superior life assurance products and short-term insurance.

Checkmate has been designed by developers and builders for developers and builders.

Executive Chairman Martin Horsler MSc FCIOB and Managing Director Paul Cooper FCIOB CEnv bring together extensive experience across the property development and house-building industry along with significant time together in the new home warranty market.

Some health care plans are exempted from Title I requirements, such as long-term health plans and limited-scope plans such as dental or vision plans that are offered separately from the general health plan.

However, if such benefits are part of the general health plan, then HIPAA still applies to such benefits.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA; Pub. It has been known as the Kennedy–Kassebaum Act or Kassebaum–Kennedy Act after two of its leading sponsors.

The majority of Americans have group health insurance coverage through their employer or the employer of a family member.

One of the advantages for employees in a group health plan is the contribution most employers make toward the cost of the health coverage premium – in many cases, employers pay one-half or more of the monthly premium for an employee.

This has ensured that Checkmate was designed with the customer firmly centre stage and to deliver an innovative and complete latent defects insurance package.

Checkmate's underwriting partner is the International Insurance Company of Hannover SE, with whom we enjoy a mutually exclusive relationship.